Who is responsible for getting a fair deal for migrant workers?

It’s not often I look at the front of a magazine and laugh, but when I looked at the cover of the 10th September 2009 People Management Magazine it had a male “migrant worker” doing manual labour and in the back ground two well dressed people with high visibility jackets on and the slogan “Bitter Harvest, Who is responsible for getting a fair deal for migrant workers?” 

My initial view is get rid of the people standing there watching and share out their wages! But when you think harder about it the whole things makes me smile, we have massive unemployment and also people who are willing to work for anything. I agree all employees need to be protected but if our businesses need to reduce costs to stay competitive and there are people willing to do the job, surely it’s unfair to demand stuff from businesses that might mean they can only operate for a couple of years rather that long term success. A lot of migrant workers earn more money doing these jobs here than jobs back home even though we deem the money to be insufficient.

It makes me smile how people try and split the argument easily down the middle, surely our main aim is that British companies succeed and we should not be protecting an individual who will make money and leave the country. Yes all employees need to be protected but where can you draw the line. We have increasing unemployment and people refusing to do manual jobs, yet migrant workers are willing to do the hard work without what we call the sufficient payment.


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